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Seeking Performers For the June Travelling Sideshow

The Major estimates that his walk from Barrow, Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego will land him in Sacramento, California in early June of this year.  As the preeminent cad, ne’er do well, and cultural anthropologist of our time, he wants to bring Major Manatee’s Travelling Story Sideshow to the fine people of the Golden State.

Are you a writer, singer, tap dancer, ham carver, or sock puppeteer with a true, entertaining story that you’ve been dying to share with an audience?  Your jib might have just the cut that the Major is looking for.  For the June show he’s looking specifically for funny music-related stories (playing it, listening to it, having your life changed by it, etc.), but as long as it’s a true tale and it will entertain a crowd he’s willing to give it a look.

More information to come, but if you’re ready to rock the Submissions page is up and running.  Onward!