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Cinder’s Poster Art!

Major Manatee’s Travelling Story Sideshow has been moving slowly, but it’s far from dead!  Cinder recently completed the poster art.  It’s ready for typesetting when we’re ready to kick off.  We also have a wonderful composer working up some theme music — more on that as it develops.  Anyway, here’s a sneak peek at Cinder’s work.  The Major is very, very pleased.



The Coveted Golden Manatee Resurfaces

Not seen since it was lost during the Major’s legendary opium bender in Tangiers, the Coveted Golden Manatee recently resurfaced at a flea market near Craters of the Moon, Idaho.

After much consideration, Major Manatee has decided that his good fortune should be your good fortune.  Writer-performers will have the opportunity to take home their own Coveted Golden Manatee.  More on this exciting update later, but while you wait why not visit the “Submit” page?  You’re on your own putting together that opium bender.


June Sideshow Artist Announced

Major Manatee has selected Northern California pop surrealist Christian Cinder to paint the June Sideshow poster.  More to come on this as it develops.  Meanwhile, click the painting below to visit Cinder’s blog.